Place a coat of veneer on your teeth and make it sparkle


Ideal for discolored or broken teeth:

In the realm of cosmetic dental procedure several innovative procedures have been introduced by dentists. One such procedure is porcelain veneer. This procedure is adopted for discolored teeth as also for broken or for teeth with large gaps in between. In this procedure, the dentist covers the surface of the teeth with a thin layer of specially designed shells which have the natural color of teeth.

A unique procedure:Dentist1

The shells are available in resin veneers and as well as porcelain veneer. According to experts, veneers made of porcelain have high bondage capability and are highly durable. In order to fix the porcelain, the dentist would evaluate your general health and then remove the appropriate portion of the enamel from your teeth. The enamel so removed is equal to the thickness of the veneer to be fixed. After certain other procedures, the dentist would bond the veneer on the teeth. That would make your teeth radiate abundantly.

If you want to know more about porcelain veneers: